2baconil’s new campaign urges people to break up with smoke breaks



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Rusan Pharma’s brand 2baconil, which offers nicotine replacement therapy, has come up with an emotional campaign which urges smokers to give up tobacco consumption.

The #BreakupwithSmokeBreaks campaign comes from deep consumer behavior insight that habits are not easy to break away on our own.

One needs external motivation or inspiration or simple urge from loved ones to break away from bad habits. It aims to pick on the prevalent habit of smoke breaks and calls on people to quit smoking through alternative therapy like the nicotine transdermal patch or nicotine gum so that they can break up with smoke breaks.

The campaign coincides with Children’s Day and features a daughter giving valuable advice to her father via very intriguing conversation. It has been conceptualized and executed by a leading integrated communications agency Zero Gravity Communications.

Malavika Saxena, Director-Marketing Rusan Pharma, said, “Most of the tobacco consumers are aware that smoking or tobacco chewing is hazardous to their health but not many are aware of how to quit their habit. Our brand 2baconil – A Nicotine Replacement Therapy, is committed to spreading awareness about these alternatives which can be a great support to help them quit. We have always believed in focusing on the positive attributes through our communication and helping individuals who want to quit stay motivated”

“This purpose-driven campaign highlights that smoking is akin to a toxic relationship which is portrayed beautifully through a father-daughter relationship. The campaign also subtly reaffirms how the child parent relationship is changing, they can be your best friend and counsel. Communication strategy for purpose-led brands is always close to our heart as a team,” said Khusboo Solanki Sharma, Founder, Zero Gravity Communications.

The one-minute-long video showcases a modern family scenario where heartwarming conversation between a teenage girl and her father is the central theme. It is very much reflective of life today, for grownups who are guiding the younger generation and giving life valuable lessons. Everyone has something to offer, it depends on us if we are open to learning.

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