Entrepreneur or Professional – Who are you?


Listening to a Ted Talk, watching Shark Tank, thinking about breakthrough ideas, reading about successful founders, attending startup meet-ups, manifesting and planning a venture, writing about it, and talking to friends and family about it is inspiring.


Doing it is an altogether different ball game.

There is no other way but to get your hands dirty.

It is a myth that only founders are entrepreneurs. On the contrary, not all management personnel can be entrepreneurial. The difference between an excellent professional and an entrepreneur is – mindset.

I do what is asked of me, I do it better than expected, I excel as a professional team player, even as team lead, I achieve more than my targets, and I outshine. These are the DNA of good professionals. Make sure to distinguish them from entrepreneurial attributes.

The entrepreneurial attribute is not limited to founders; professionals who make successful careers do have them too distinctly.

What are the entrepreneurial attributes?

It begins with,

Solution Mindset :

No individual is perfect, like no organisation. Similar to human evolution, successful organisations are constantly evolving. Are you a part of this evolution or change by being in the driving seat or passenger seat? Are you a navigator or a follower? No two are wrong, but distinction determines a lot.

Entrepreneurs are problem solvers by creating products, filling a service gap or simplifying the common problem. Now that can happen by founders, or simply a team lead.

Collective Growth Mindset:

Now, re-envision your role, scope of work and career where you are with a solution mindset that aligns with growth not just for yourself but for your team, your clients, and your firm. Boom! There you are, becoming a P&L creator and inter-organisation entrepreneur.

Then if you hit a roadblock with your ideas and your aggression for growth is not reciprocated by the current organisation, you have a valid reason to seek opportunities outside. Explore opportunities, as they say.

These two mindsets, coupled with a relentless approach, truly make you entrepreneurial.

No entrepreneur has everything planned. We learn on the go, are open to change and are quick to adapt.

Entrepreneurship is nothing but an aptitude for doers.

What is your mindset like?

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