Apology: Because Humans are flawed!


Human begins are flawed.

Mistakes are an inherent part of living. There can be an oversight, lack of prioritisation, or poor influence. There could be many ways one can make a mistake unintentionally or intentionally simply because of the wrong information that amounts to a bad decision.

An important fact is its realisation, and the most challenging part comes afterwards, which not many dare to do—acceptance or acknowledgement of mistake.

If errors in judgement or mistakes are human, accepting them should also be part of being human.

While working at a firm or working for a client, we all make these mistakes professionally. The Key is ‘do we acknowledge it honestly?’.

Affirming it only makes one humane; even in the professional world, this makes such a strong case. The recent best example is Akshay Kumar apologizing for his wrong choice of endorsing Vimal Elaichi, which is a kind of surrogate advertising for Vimal, a Pan Masala brand. (Link)

An honest apology is just a way to show how human / flawed we all are and can be. Upon mistake realisation, we intend to do a corrective measure. An Apology is a starting point of it.

In this case, fear of public outrage or boycott of films could be the main reason for an apology a damage control. But this makes a good case reference to learn for everyone, even professionals.

Extending the idea forward, sometimes paying the price for a mistake, is a way to sincerely internalize or own the gravity of the error we make.

The difference between humans and machines is that we are built of blood and flesh and life isn’t mechanical we have our emotions and feeling that make us who we are. While the difference between Humans and Animals is just the size of our brains but the ability to process information, reasoning and know more ways to survive and sustain themselves. So, by definition humans do learn and adapt faster. As always science and history have answers if we ask the right questions.

While making mistake is human but making the same mistake again isn’t.

Rest is implied.

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