An abundance of Digital Content: The Classic Problem of Plenty


The minute you open Instagram, you are bombarded with a series of Instagram lives. This big influencer is live with a clothing brand, discussing at-home dressing styles. The further you scroll you see IGTV videos made out of TikTok challenges. And, then there are throwback posts and not-so-needed motivation video by a car brand.

Well, we have a problem. The problem of plenty.

How is this a problem?

Little is insufficient, plenty is inefficient.

So there’s a shoe brand recommending you movies to watch. A food brand comes up with a bingo you can’t connect to and comic vlogger is making momos with no comedy. Isn’t this a bit too much? Okay, if not this then, aren’t you tired of workout videos?

Which is why the content created right now is inefficient.

Content creators of all sorts (bloggers, vloggers, influencers, celebrities and brands) jumped to creating content once they got to know everyone is now going to be home and there’s a splurge in the screentime. The time spent on social media by individuals has definitely splurged, close to 87% increase. But amongst all this, the quality deteriorated and no one seems to be talking about it.

This leads to the question that how does one deal with this. This will have to be dealt with on an individual basis. Every content creator will have to ask these questions to themselves before they share any piece of content.

Impact doesn’t necessarily mean having an emotional appeal. It means that one should be developing content that is not only relatable but it engages and motivates the audience to take action. It can instigate a sense of curiosity in the audience’s mind. Actions can be a DM, comment, trial by the audience, or sharing of the content. There’s a lot of data available on this, a content creator knows what’s being shared or saved. Strive for actual action, like for example, an audience member trying a beauty blogger’s makeup look and sharing it further.

Social media has become a cluttered space, so think about breaking that clutter as create new content. Breaking the clutter is the first step to grabbing the audience’s attention. Once you have their attention, then you can strive for actions. Right now everyone is posting about gratefulness and it is heavily cluttered; most of the people are skipping it. It raises the question, “how do you stop them from skipping your content?” For that, your content will have to stand out.

This question is based on a very basic thought that people often skip, “why is the audience visiting my page?”. Once you answer this question, you start seeing your content in a very different way. It’s good to be real on social media but don’t step away from your audience’s objective of following you. If you are a lifestyle blogger, once in a while giving your perspective on mental health can good but don’t become a preacher. Your audience isn’t following you for that.

In all, let’s make social media an uncluttered space with quality content. The content that can move the audience to take substantial action, serves their objective, and has the ability to stand out. This is time to tap on the opportunity in the right way, don’t focus on frequency and work on quality.

Content has always been the king but now content is the new queen everyone is chasing.

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By #theideapeople ( @Khushboo Sharma + @Kavya Shah )

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