Managing during a crisis situations


11 ways we manage during a crisis situation.

  1. Someone is always in charge – we always have a person in charge that plans, looks after the execution and manages the situation. With a calm mind this person takes responsibility of the entire team, the deadlines and the safety of the team.
  2. We work on a plan – during any such situation we make sure that we work on a plan that helps us operate despite the odds and keep the work going. We collectively execute the plan and aim to minimize the damage caused to our work and help each other avoid backlogs.
  3. Identify the seriousness of the crisis – the person in charge identifies the seriousness of the crisis and works on a plan accordingly.
  4. We are honest and open – We believe in honesty and transparency with our clients regarding any such crisis. We absolutely despise misleading our clients. Our work is our foremost priority.
  5. Employees are informed – Our employees are informed first thing. The plan is discussed and they are informed about their duties which are carried out accordingly.
  6. Stay connected through social media – Social media helps us to stay in touch when the phone lines are jammed in such crisis like situations.
  7. Safety first – Our team is our family. The safety of our team is our first priority. During riots or any such situations, we first see if our team is safe either in the office or at their homes. We could never put their safety at risk and ensure that they are not harmed in any way.
  8. We communicate with our clients – We make sure that we keep communicating with our clients and informing them about the situation. We try and reach all our deadlines despite all the odds.
  9. Work from home – During any bandh or curfew we try and meet our deadlines by working from home and staying in touch with our team and clients
  10. Creativity leaps up – In a situation where we are dealing with technological crisis such as loss of power or no access to internet our creative minds wouldn’t waste a minute, pick up their drawing boards and continue their project on paper. The copy writers sit together and brain storm all the ideas and come up with some amazing copy.
  11. We are a family first – we are a complete family, we care for each other and during any crisis we stand together and work together

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