Art of Entrepreneurship


When you say anything as “ART”, it can’t be defined.

Art of Entrepreneurship, like any other art form this can be only achieved via practice, discipline and dedication.

Though you can sure follow some of the following to strengthen your art :

1.Discipline, Discipline, Discipline:

Follow strict discipline in whatever you aim to achieve with your startup and it starts with personal discipline. Your personal behavior reflects in your startup.

Your team will mimic you, your investors are watching you and clients are always judging you. As a leader and driving force of your venture is in your actions, your habits will indirectly reflect in your team. What kind of books you read if you live healthily, or how particular you are about details all that matters. And more importantly, if you are not in control, the situation will start controlling you hence follow the discipline.

2. Start Loving Pressure:

Walking on Startup path is full of unsure, unknown challenges. If you as a person who gets rattled and baffled quickly outside the known zone of comfort, there are fewer chances of you to succeed. Each day as an entrepreneur is full of surprise and if you don’t get troubles, issues or situations on hand, go look for them otherwise something is not right.

3. Stand Against Tide:

The whole world might come and tell you, your idea will not work, or it is a bad idea to do it but if you are truly driven by your instinct, research and conviction you will make things happen. I can only say look at Elon Musk. Ability to stand against world doesn’t come easy.

4. Be Relentless:

It is never going to work out the first time. You will fail, not once but again and again. How many time you can start again with same enthusiasm and drive will lead you to be different from others.

When other give up you can’t.

4. Hustle, Don’t Settle.

Once an entrepreneur always an entrepreneur. If you get settled and comfortable with the immediate success you might miss the greater good. There might be many ventures that you create or just one but you never cease to innovate and create.

Time moves ahead, Life moves ahead and so does an entrepreneur. — KS

6. Seek Inspiration

As an entrepreneur most uncanny source might inspire you. Open up yourself to the unconventional method of learning. Be curious and constantly try to grasp, read, learn as much as you can.

A history book can inspire you to handle people issue or art of war can teach you negotiation skill with customer or vendor.

You don’t know where your inspiration will come from.

And at last

life is a journey, and so

An Entrepreneurship is a journey, not a destination.

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