Capsules Of Inspiration !


Mundane can be magic !

Youth these days is chasing the excitement, next big thing, or looking out for purpose. Regular isn’t aspirational. While, on ground level an average human attention span has shrunk.

They say that the average attention span is down from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to eight seconds now. That is less than the nine-second attention span of your average goldfish.

While being at one place, we aspire to be at another. While doing one job, we wish for another. While being at a place, we dream to different one.

The chase is the word.

Many a times in a day, while browsing an app, we get redirected to another. Watching a content we move to different content or website and from there to another. Easily loosing a track of where we originally began and what did we initially intended to do.

At work, in life, in relationships this seems to be getting under our skin as habit. Or say vicious cycle we all easily get on and have to be consciously be aware to break. Come out and get the control of our own time.

How ?

Following are the few things I have started doing.

1. Taking Control of My Attention.

Official emails, social media, and even WhatsApp notifications are off on my mobile. On defined interval I would check the updates and emails, decision is upon me.

It is small step but I choose to control my attention.

2. Drive My Own Attention.

Start the day by defining my daily goals that I intend to achieve or things I must accomplish. Also, define incentive mechanism to reward myself for achieving my targets.

It allows to bring back my attention when there are diversions.

3. Allow Mind Wondering.

I do day dream, imagine impossible with possibilities, and at times choose not to do anything for hours or for days. It allows to flush out many thoughts, make space for new and at times also bring in guilt of wasting my time which drives me with more vigour.

Not doing anything is also a thing.

Big ideas and big achievements are culmination of small steps we take. And all of us need small doses of inspirations now and again.

Do share yours !

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