Campaigns We Like: 2baconil rolls out new campaign for World No Tobacco Day


2baconil, the Smoking and Tobacco Cessation product of Rusan Pharma Ltd, has come up with an innovative campaign for all tobacco consumers on this World No Tobacco Day. The video does not preach or instruct; instead, it emotionally appeals to the people who consume tobacco in any form.

The brand offers Nicotine patches and Nicotine Gums, which work on the principle of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), as an aid to help quit smoking and smokeless tobacco. 2baconil is India’s 1st brand to launch a nicotine patch. Today, 2baconil Patches are the most prescribed & trusted by doctors because of their high efficacy and patient compliance.


Conveying 2baconil’s intentions behind this campaign, Malavika Kaura Saxena · Director – Marketing, Rusan Pharma Ltd., says, “According to the reports by Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS), almost 55% of the smokers and 50% of smokeless tobacco users want to quit, but yet they are unable to do so. Everyone knows about the ill effects of tobacco consumption, yet they use it regularly.

“Thus, we wanted to make an emotional and motivational video with the family members of tobacco consumers to let Tobacco users understand how much their loved ones are concerned about and how they feel. We hope this video will motivate Tobacco consumers to quit and non-tobacco consumers to help their loved ones quit. We have also launched N1 Pack, which people can use as a gift to their loved ones or can use as a trial pack,” Saxena said.

Zero Gravity Communications has helped Rusan’s brand team create this video, where real people are letting their loved ones know that they are concerned about their bad habit of tobacco consumption. After numerous failed attempts at reasoning and explaining the adverse effects of tobacco consumption, our challenge was to find an innovative way to communicate the same.

The video depicts heartfelt appeals from people requesting their dear ones to simply break up with the bad habit. It effectively shows that the fear of losing someone dear to tobacco consumption is real, and it communicates the emotion that no one would want to lose their father, spouse, son, relative, friend or any loved one to this sort of slow poison.

Khushboo Solanki Sharma, Founder, Zero Gravity Communications, said, “Our team is glad to have received this opportunity of creating a video campaign for 2baconil towards this noble intention of quitting tobacco consumption. We hope this video strikes the right chord with the tobacco consumers as intended and has a positive impact on their lives.”


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