Diversity: the art of thinking independently together — Malcolm Forbes


Zero Gravity Communications is a firm that prides itself on being the most culturally and academically diverse ad agency.

What does this mean?

We are open, welcoming, and responsive. We are vibrant, eclectic and creative. And because of our diversity we are a success story. Our diversity means we are competitive. Welcoming means we can do business with the world. Diversity for us is much more than just a motto.

We have a history of welcoming and integrating the best and the brightest into our firm. And we are recognized for this. This is what sets Zero Gravity Communications apart.

The different cultures, background and mindset of our team is key to the success of Zero Gravity Communications. After all, this provides a wide variety of personal skills, strengths and creative approach that are essential to our business.

Each individual’s personal strengths and experience have their part to play in the firm’s performance. Each individual hails from an entirely different academic and cultural background. Some are engineers, some are art history majors, some belong from the print world and some come from the media world but one thing that binds all together is the creativity and the passion to create something which leaves everyone astonished.

When a textile design student and an engineer come together and put their mind as one, they are determined to design an app for a client. Their technical skills and creative minds make an excellent combination to design an application.

Another example which explains how diversity is our strength is when our very own Art History major cum copy writer came up with an amazing idea on how to incorporate her knowledge about the paintings of Raja Ravi Verma for a jewellery brand’s campaign.

As markets expand globally being able to understand and reach out to the individual needs of clients from other cultures and regions will be paramount. A multicultural, trained and talented employee base gives company that key advantage.

We at Zero Gravity communications maintain productivity as everyone despite of their different backgrounds are treated with dignity and respect for who they are and what they can do. We emphasize interest and concern for our employees as people first which helps us attract a higher-quality workforce. We have discovered that a work environment open to diversity remains flexible and favorable to employee innovation.

We can’t even imagine all our team members being from the same background, same culture, having similar values, having the exact same opinions. In that case even brain-storming wouldn’t help. Can you imagine how dull and boring the ideas would be? How life-less the campaigns would get?

When we are out to sell ideas, values and relationships, diverse people are the best assets.

We welcome diverse and creative intellects to drop their profile (at info@zerogravitycommunications.com ) to be part of “the idea people” !

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