In the video, the influencers are encouraging their fanbase to celebrate the spirit of love with Havmor’s newly launched ice cream cake.

The campaign also aims to break the stereotypical ‘couple love’ and strongly conveys that the ‘cake’ can be enjoyed by all. It also gives consumers who prefer unconventional gifting ideas a new option.

Additionally, Havmor has started an on-ground activation in Ahmedabad. The brand has installed a heart-shaped installation of its cake, which stands 25 feet tall, on the Sabarmati Riverfront. This installation was open to all from Wednesday, 10 February to Sunday, 14 February.

Shekhar Agarwal, head of marketing at Havmor, says, “Our campaign aims to break the clutter around the month of love with an inclusive message and a unique product concept. Going beyond the conventional romantic notion of love among couples, the campaign ‘#DessertOfLove’ celebrates love in all forms.”

“Additionally, desserts are globally considered a symbol of love, happiness and celebration and consumers are constantly looking for ‘out of the box’ ideas to celebrate special occasions. Our cake is the first of its kind in the country and with its heart-shaped design it is a perfect symbol of love,” adds Agarwal.

The founder and director of Zero Gravity Communications Ms. Khushboo Sharma says, “Ahmedabad is Havmor’s home ground, so it was a natural choice to devise a campaign that not only represented the brand but also the city on a grand scale.”

“To enhance the beautiful blend of ice cream and cake, two of people’s favorite desserts, we (in collaboration with the Havmor team) reintroduced Havmor Ice Cream Cake as the Dessert of Love, with Heartbeat Ice Cream cake as the central attraction,” adds Sharma.

“The team created an entire universe, a 360-degree execution plan to bring each platform in perfect synergy and accentuate the impact. It was a challenging yet enthralling experience,” Sharma concludes.

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