New Role Of Advertising Agencies!


Your brand, your product, or your service wasn’t ready for what was thrown at it, but it can sure be prepared for what is coming ahead of it because this is the biggest ever level playing field one can ask for. The biggest of your competition is on the same ground zero currently.

The following are a few essential questions to ask here.

Disruption is here. Grab it.

The question is how?

Let’s dwell on what is happening currently with brands and their advertising?

While the traditional advertising and overall budgets face huge cutbacks, digital and social media teams are racing their clocks with every #Hashtag and #MomentMarketing trend possible.

We are drenched with content, overactive brand social media profiles that unanimously cover every trending topic, social distancing, COVID awareness and wants to be #Aatmanirbhar with the best possible creative twist and in a timely manner keeping the agency teams on their toes.

Safety standards accepted by brands, COVID precautions that corporate will now have to take to sanitise workplaces and production systems and all that we want to say out loud to our partners, employees, and consumers via social media isn’t STRATEGIC BRAND COMMUNICATION. Don’t confuse new business usual or hygiene measures communication as a disruptive strategy for your brand.

Here comes the new role of your advertising agency!

A much-awaited process transformation for most of the industries are here and brands will not just have to catch up but jump and leap forward. Truly helping the brands to the newly imagined reality of the post Pandemic world that helps brands not just survive but to strive towards growth.

Apart from being prompt, accurate, and edgy with content that brand needs currently what more do they offer.

I see some young start-up brands to legacy companies that we are working with stepping up to this challenge asking the right questions, discussing and brainstorming ideas that help them restructure and create adaptive disruptions. Open for a big change and fresh perspectives. Taking one step at a time towards the changes that are going to be permanent as consumer behavior shifts are here to stay.

Happy Advertising!

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