ZGC launches one of its kind Digital Advertising Conclave ‘The Zero Space’


Zero Gravity Communications is thrilled to unveil ‘The Zero Space’, an exclusive and groundbreaking digital advertising conclave set to redefine the future of marketing and advertising. This unique event is designed to empower and enlighten marketing enthusiasts, professionals, and brands about the ever-evolving world of digital advertising.

The Zero Space is more than just a conclave; it is an immersive ecosystem where passionate individuals from the marketing and advertising sphere can come together to learn, unlearn, and explore the limitless possibilities within the digital advertising sphere. With an intent to foster a dialogue around the changing perceptions of advertising in the digital age, Zero Gravity Communications is taking the lead in bringing this revolutionary event to the forefront.

Speaking about The Zero Space’s launch, Khushboo Sharma Solanki, Founder at Zero Gravity Communications said, “The universe of advertising is expanding at an unprecedented pace, opening up new, uncharted territories. Over the past decade, brands have broken free from conventional norms, shattered boundaries, and disrupted the advertising landscape. Today, creativity knows no bounds. However, what’s missing is a meaningful conversation about these transformations through the lens of digital advertising.

We are looking for young D2C brand owners, AI & Martech companies to collaborate and participate in exchanging ideas on their journey.  We are open to discuss opportunities with them to collaborate and attend.

Rahul Puri, founder of Agency Reporter said “As the founder of Agency Reporter and the official media partner, I am excited to witness this revolutionary digital advertising conclave, which promises to be a game-changer in the world of marketing and advertising. ‘The Zero Space’ will illuminate the path forward for marketing enthusiasts, professionals, and brands, paving the way for a dynamic and innovative future in digital advertising.”

The Zero Space will feature engaging discussions on key topics that are shaping the future of digital advertising, including:

● Brand Storytelling: Across Different Content Formats

● Living and Creating in an AI Economy

● Emerging Trends in OTT

● Future of Advertising in AI

● Building Brand Communities in Creator Economy

● Consumer of Today: Legacy Retail vs. D2C

The conclave boasts an impressive lineup of speakers who are experts in their respective fields:

The noteworthy industry speakers gracing their esteemed presence at the event are Riya Nanavati, Director, Cosmic Information & Technology Limited; Mr. Abhishek Jain, Founder, OHO Gujarati; Mr. Jay Morzaria, Head, Creative Rephrase.ai; Dheer Momaya, founder Jugaad Motion Pictures and Seema Walia, Sr Director, Sharechat and many more. The conclave expects to draw a diverse audience, including – Brand Managers, Brand Owners, Communication Executives, Digital Marketers, and Strategists. Attendees can look forward to a rich experience, including expert sessions, invaluable networking opportunities, significant brand exposure, market insights, and thought-provoking interactions.

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